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This web site tells the story of our small son and the health problems he has incurred and our endeavours to find a solution to them. It may help other parents who have children with problems to read of our experiences. If you have any comments or questions about anything on these web pages please contact me; Val Purkis E-Mail
Rob's story
Robert was born on July 22nd 1995; he was a happy placid little chap who gained weight normally although he didn't like being on his tummy and he was not as forward as some children of his age were.
After I introduced yoghurts he gradually became withdrawn and fussy over his food. This happened over several weeks and he also developed a severe ear infection. He gradually refused solid food and became hooked on yoghurts and milk.
Holiday in Minorca
In June 1996 we flew to Minorca early in the morning, Robert had not had very much to eat. I think he suffered an encephalitic episode on the plane. He was very stressed for a few minutes then lapsed into sleep. Later at the resort, I sat him up to take his photo and he slid sideways and couldn't sit up by himself again.
The Nightmare began
Back from holiday I took Robert to our local children's hospital expecting his problems to be caused by the ear infection he had had. However Rob was admitted to the ward so that he could be seen by the professor in paediatrics the next morning.

Rob age 9 months
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